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Win a SIGNED paperback of EDGE OF ETHER!

I am officially opening applications for ARC readers. You can apply to be one right here!

With your commitment to EoE's release, you will be automatically entered to win one of TWO signed paperback copies.

Winners will be announced on October 27th, 2023!

What is an ARC?

ARC stands for Advance Review Copy. Readers who sign up to be ARCs are expected to provide reviews on Amazon and Goodreads after finishing Edge of Ether to share their thoughts.

What is expected of me as an ARC reader?

Mostly, to read! ARC readers are usually committed, voracious readers who can finish a book promptly. After finishing the book, you would provide a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads by October 27th, 2023.

What format is the ARC in?

If you are accepted as an ARC, you will receive the book in both ePUB and PDF format. If you'd like a different format, you can respond to my email letting me know; however, I can only provide virtual copies.

Am I the right fit for an ARC?

I'm looking for readers who are committed, positive, and fans of my work. Edge of Ether is a bit different than some of my other stories, dealing with some big themes like AI/human relationships and the value of human life. With that said, it's a super fun read. If you're a fan of Philip K. Dick and dystopian books like Altered Carbon, I think you'll love it.

What do I need to do to be eligible to win a signed paperback?

1. Sign up to be an ARC reader using this form.

2. Wait for your acceptance email with the EoE files.

3. Read!

4. Provide your review on Amazon/Goodreads.

Winners will be chosen at random from the ARC pool and announced on October 27th, 2023!

Coming October 24th, 2023!

__Something is wrong with Oz Herrick's brain__

With too much pride to ask his well-off family for money and no way to pay his mounting court costs, Oz signs up for a shady research study promising a big payday for a little brain probing. He wakes up at home with no memory of what happened and an unfamiliar voice in his head.

In search of answers, Oz digs into the company behind the research study: Synpax. Oz meets Drew, the CEO’s assistant. She's uncovered evidence that the study is related to the launch of CEO Maude Griffith's latest brainchild: The Ether, a virtual world that can sustain human consciousness forever. No aging. No disease. No death.

In exchange for the research study, Oz unknowingly invited a piece of Maude's AI technology into his brain. The voice in his head. Oz decides to enter the Ether to take Synpax down from the inside out. And when he discovers that he’s more closely tied to it than he ever thought possible, and the voice in his head is only getting stronger and more sentient by the day, it becomes not just a fight against corporate greed but for his life.



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