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Live Inside a Virtual Reality Server! - EDGE OF ETHER RELEASES TOMORROW

“Good afternoon, everyone. Thank you for joining me on such a beautiful day. When I was a girl, the world was different. Technology made things easier, yes, but not like the convenience we have today. It was something that only the rich could afford. And my family, we didn’t grow up with a lot of money. I grew up on a farm. No. I know. I look good for my age. It was nothing but land for miles. A waste.

"But there was something about machinery that always fascinated me. I would scrutinize the inner workings of my daddy’s tractor and see and track each and every gear as it turned, every pump as it gulped, every puff of smoke from the exhaust. Back in those days, a tractor was an essential cost that all farmers had to fork up. But over the years, tractors became more affordable. They became so commonplace that you could go pick one up at your next-door store. They became an essential part of that life. We saw this very same phenomenon with the computer, the laptop, the tablet, the smartphone. One by one, they all became essential parts of our lives until even the most downtrodden of us could hold a Syn phone in their hands.

“It is with great pleasure that I announce to you a product and an insurgency in this age of technology that will forever become an essential part of how we live and . . . how we die. Today, I announce to you: immortality. Life that never ends. A world and a city exempt from the horrors and pain of illness, death, and grief.

“This is not a moment of dramatization. This is not a marketing ploy to get you excited about a new Orb or about the safety of Syncabs. No. This is truth and transparency as we move forward into a future that is better for all.

“It is with pride and reverence that I announce to you that our research team has successfully imported human data—memories, personality, wishes, and dreams—into what we are calling the Ether—a brand new Synpax server capable of prodigious feats. Free for all to join and use. You only need to purchase the equipment. Once you’re uploaded, your data can be saved forever or deleted at any time. And we are the first. I mean the absolute first to do so successfully and safely . . .

“This has been an ongoing point of contention growing throughout the science and technology community in the Moscow Arcology, and there were many questions about whether it was even possible. But here we are—

“It is possible! It is done. No more aging. No more war. No more death. Throughout human history, we have told tales of those who achieved enlightenment, immortality, and grace, and now, we can extend that history into this life. Into our city of Daiver. We are St. Germain. This is the present and an essential part of our future to navigate the unprecedented hardships of this new world. I promise to lead you through it, onto a better, safer path, and into Ether.”

-Maude Griffiths, CEO of Synpax

Edge of Ether releases TOMORROW, October 24th, in both eBook and paperback. It is the book I've always wanted to write, and I hope to write more books based in the Moscow Arcology in the near future.

I'll be doing a live reading tomorrow morning to celebrate the release of Edge of Ether on my Instagram!

Thanks for being here!

- Clarke


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