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The Resemblance – Now available for pre-order!

Louise Rickshaw, good with numbers, bad with men and a look-alike to a dead girl. Spring 1979 in Gully, Georgia, Louise’s life is changed when a corpse is placed on a swing set just around the corner from her childhood home. While hiding her new job from her abusive husband, Louise becomes wrapped up in the murder investigation, not only because of her uncanny likeness to the victim, but because of the relentless coincidences and the persistent voices of her mother and sister telling her not to. Plagued with the restraints of those surrounding her, Louise must unravel the mysteries of her hometown, her family and become the lion-hearted woman that she was told she could not be.

The Resemblance by Clarke Wainikka – Now available for pre-order!

Only $3.99 for the ebook!

Order a paperback and get an ebook for only $0.99!

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