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Pre-Order THE LOUDEST SONG - An unexpected, contemporary romance

Megan has been alone a long time. She’s independent, highly organized, and unsure if she believes in love. Her world—her one-bedroom apartment—is turned upside down when her peace is disturbed by loud music upstairs. Her new neighbor is a free-spirited musician named Soren Hale, and he seems to have little care for his music moving through the vents and keeping Megan awake at night.

Soren encourages Megan to get out of her shell, whisking her off to abandoned places and compelling her into intimate conversations. But when they’re forced together by a broken radiator, Megan discovers that Soren is still holding on to a past relationship. Yet, the songs he's writing are for her. To open herself to love again, to process the grief of her past, Megan has to allow herself to be loud again and for someone who’s been quiet for over a decade, there is nothing more terrifying.

The Loudest Song is a contemporary romance novelette. It's emotional and fast-moving with realistic, complex characters.



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