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Get the psychological thriller ALL JUNKIES FLOAT for free!

"... A winning formula"

"Great suspense!"

"...A must-read."

In the harsh winter of northern Canada, Joseph Mackay is found dead in his bathtub. Annette Baker, psychologist and Xanax addict, is thrust into the middle of the unraveling mysteries of Medicine River Rehab Centre. So Annette does what any recovering heroin addict would do in a stressful situation, pop back a few Xanax to deal with the anxiety and a few more when she discovers that Joseph is one of three suicides at the centre in the last three years.

Annette must face the conflict of protecting her job or protecting her patients, all while dealing with a small-town journalist desperate for a story, a boss who would do anything to preserve her reputation, and a persistent detective sorting out the mysterious suicides one by one. Not to mention her addiction to prescription pills and the animosity from her troubled past that she must confront in order to sort out the puzzling, sobering secrecy at Medicine River.



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