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Updated: Apr 9, 2021

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Gwen Rabey only has to survive being home on Circle Bell island for seven days. Seven days with her father on his deathbed, a mother picking apart her life choices, her impulsive brother, Theo, and conservative sister, Ruth. When a Wiccan girl from the other side of the island goes missing, Gwen jumps at the opportunity to investigate. Anything to get out of the Rabey house. Anything to prove herself after being rejected from the police academy four times. Anything to uncover the eerie similarities between this missing girl and Gwen’s missing childhood friend, Daisy Whittle.

But the people of Circle Bell keep their secrets close to their chests, and no one is willing to talk. Not the buttoned-down Protestants. Not the Wiccans in the cedar woods. Not even the police who are more preoccupied with jurisdiction than the growing conflict on the island.

While the demons of Gwen’s past stalk her across the island, she must determine how the missing Wiccan girl connects to her childhood friend before she too ends up missing in the waters of Circle Bell.



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