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CEDAR DOLLS releases tomorrow! Pre-order now!


You can pre-order right now through Amazon! I'm so excited for readers to get their hands on this.

Dark, suspenseful and gothic!

"[Wainikka] constantly had my heart racing!"

We follow the story of Gwen Rabey, a 28 year old wannabe cop with a troubled past, and her return home to Circle Bell island to visit her father on his deathbed. Gwen quickly finds herself neck deep in the mysteries of Circle Bell. A Wiccan girl from the other side of the island is missing, and the tensions between the Wiccans and the Protestants are sky high. Gwen must simultaneously find out how this missing girl connects to her missing childhood friend, Daisy Whittle, before her hometown falls prey to extremism and she too is swallowed up by Circle Bell.



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