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ALL JUNKIES FLOAT - Now available on Amazon worldwide!

ALL JUNKIES FLOAT is available right NOW on eBook and Paperback! Blizzards, prescription pills and murder all come together in this gripping psychological thriller.

Get the eBook for only $2.99!

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Annette Baker can't wait to get out of Hacksaw and move someplace warm. Finishing up her PhD residency at the Medicine River Rehab Centre has been far from perfect, and it continues to spiral downwards when a patient shows up dead in his bathtub. Annette quickly becomes wrapped up in comforting her boss and patients and avoiding the press all while managing her own anxieties by popping back too many Xanax. But when a detective gets involved, one death turns into 3 and the suicides turn into murder, Annette must decide who to trust: her boss, her coworkers or prescription pills.



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