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All Junkies Float – Book Trailer

Coming June 1st, 2020.

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Annette Baker, psychologist and Xanax addict, is reeled into the middle of a young patient’s suicide and its ties to her boss, the director of Medicine River Rehab Centre. Annette does her best to keep the director, Dr. Brandy Holt, calm and protected from the press by putting her own anxieties on the back burner, dealing with her stress by popping back one to seven Xanax. And a few more when she discovers that Brandy’s patient is one of three suicides at the centre since its opening.

Annette must choose to trust either her patients, her co-workers or her boss when they all seem to be lying and all she wants to do is put her faith in prescription pills. As the sobering secrets of the suicides begin to reveal themselves so do the demons from Annette’s troubled past, filtering into her work and relationships, and the murder investigation at Medicine River.



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